The Hel Peninsula is probably the most out-of-this-world place in Poland. A narrow strip of land, with a bay on one side and the open sea on the other. Love, friendships, ideas and inspirations are born here.

What is unique about this place is that there’s something for everyone here, regardless of age and interests. It is a Mecca for water sports, but the charm of the peninsula will be appreciated by everyone who comes here. This place is probably the healthiest addiction ever. It is good that we have seasons in Poland, because if it wasn’t for winter, we would probably sit here all year round. At least the locals can rest for a while and get to miss the surfers again.

Every year each of us experiences this unique state of excitement, as we approach our summer home. When you enter the Hel Peninsula, you are overwhelmed by some incredible energy which carries you forward like a surfing wave. All the weather phenomena we experience here, the smell of the sea and the singing of birds make everyday life seem better, lighter, because there we have more energy after we return from Hel.

The Hel Peninsula, especially Chałupy, is our second home. Here, your heart beats faster, you hear more, feel more, experience more emotions. This place is special for us, because this is where Pocketsulu was born and this is where we set off to the world.

In our films, materials, photos and stories, the Hel Peninsula will appear very often, because we want to tell the whole world about that beautiful place we have in Poland. We are very proud that this is where our adventure began. Pocketsulu is, above all, a philosophy of freedom and free thinking that has made us connect Poland and Fiji, countries that are so distant and so close at the same time. We want to carry this energy further. These are our roots, where will we go? Experience it with us, see you on the Peninsula. Bula.


It was a very hot summer day. We decided to go to Tricity to rest a little bit from the regular chill in Chałupy. We didn’t quite plan for our spontaneous photo shoot, but some of the clothing combinations started to inspire us a lot.

Our first series of Pocketsulu are sports shorts, and we didn’t even think they could be versatile enough to fit quite smart clothes. Karyx comes from and lives in Łódź, which is famous for its eclectic character. Mixing different styles can be associated with total chaos, but just as Łódź has combined different styles in its history, the Tricity welcomed openly our various Pocketsulu combinations.

An idea was born. How about combining a casual jacket with our shorts? It didn’t take long to persuade Michał, and after just a few hours we were in the Tricity with all our equipment. We drove our friend’s scooter, for even more fun. The test set turned out to be so interesting that we decided to present it to you.

Pocketsulu can be associated with the beach, water, wind and nature. However, it turns out that the way it is used is limited only by our imagination. Will the sporty cut work in combination with a jacket? Of course it will, and this combination steals hearts.

It doesn’t matter what you do every day, what dress code you have at work. True freedom cannot be eliminated. In fact, the great heritage of culture can be an inspiration, but also a limitation. It all depends on how we approach it. As the creators of Pocketsulu Fiji Wear, we want to encourage to go outside the box, to look at the world a little differently, to make it a norm which is an incubator for development. In our case, it was an accidental combination of a jacket and sporty Pocketsulu. The effect is, in our opinion, electrifying. Isn’t it nice to walk the promenade in your hometown knowing that you are wearing an outfit that looks neat, pretty and at the same time reminds you with every step you take about what you like, love and respect? Freedom – yours and ours. This is the philosophy of Pocketsulu in practice.


It was an extraordinary trip. Business affairs brought Karyx to a city with one million inhabitants. While in Poland cold November controlled out moods gloomily, Mumbai greeted us cheerfully and warmly.

The magic in Mumbai is that this city never ends. You can drive along huge multi-lane roads endlessly. Tuk-tuks, trucks and cars are all around. Honking is an inseparable part of the local driving culture. However, it does not imply emergency, but serves the purpose of a more heated conversation between good friends. Everyone is well-mannered enough to advertise their intent to turn, brake or overtake, which creates a symphony of sounds that can you either love or hate. We chose the former option.

Pocketsulu has proved to be ideal for both urban hustle and for relaxation in the hotel’s pool. The freedom of movement and lightness of the fabric, gently moving in the wind, made long hikes much easier and comfortable.

“The trip to Mumbai was a baptism of fire for Pocketsulu. I put it in my coat pocket, because my handbags were fully stuffed. After a 9-hour journey on the plane, all I had to do was to wrap myself up, take off my pants and underwear, and button up my Pocketsulu. We're ready to explore;)”

Mumbai and India surprise with their diversity, dynamics, colors and openness. Despite the fact that it is a huge agglomeration, people can feel safe there. Even in the absence of verbal communication, body language and gestures remain meaningful. If you are an open person who respects other people, you can easily discover other cultures. This is what Pocketsulu is like – it offers great opportunities, sparks imagination and ensures comfort. Mumbai mission completed successfully.