The first series of Pocketsulu Mist Shorts goes down in history. Thanks to you, our first model, in two color versions, sold 100%. The assumption was to make a series that ends one day. Thanks to everyone who purchased these shorts, they are now collector’s value. Bula!!!


Meet our flagship product – Pocketsulu in its first edition. The very name itself reveals that these shorts are like a real mist for your body. We assure you that you will not feel like this in anything else but this very model. Łukasz Pietrzykowski a.k.a. Doktor, one of our ambassadors, put on this Pocketsulu and shouted out loud that thing about the mist you have just read. Delicate synthetic fabric – 92% polyester and 8% elastane – guarantees comfort and functionality. When wet, just squeeze out the water and leave the rest to the sun. Pocketsulu are adjustable at the waist and have four buttons at the bottom, so the skirt quickly turns into boardshorts. Two sizes, M and L, are available, but will fit all sizes thanks to side-adjusters. The same model can be worn by dad, mom, as well as a teenage son or daughter. Pocketsulu Mist comes in two color versions – Sky Blue and Ocean Blue. And most importantly, it offers the feeling of unlimited freedom.



50.00 $ 30.00 $