Have you ever wondered about how many possibilities a single piece of clothing can give you? Have you ever needed to change your clothes, but there was no changeroom around? Have you ever felt restricted by your traditional outfit?

Pocketsulu is a piece of clothing which can be used in many ways by kids, women, and men. One outfit – countless possibilities for everyone, no matter the age. Not only does it make changing your clothes easier, it is a part of your everyday attire.


Traditional shorts

A skirt that makes it easier to change your clothes

A poncho to keep you warm

An outfit for a child which will grows along with its young owner thanks to adjustment possibilities

An elegant evening outfit for any occasion

Proper gear for many sports and activities

Medical clothing, e.g. in the case of a leg injury

A towel that you always have at hand


Pocketsulu is small sized, it can fit in your hand luggage for both long and short trips. Or maybe you ride your bike, electric longboard, or scooter to work and need to change easily? Our product is for you, no matter your age, sex, and the size you wear. We prepared our own size chart.


Changing clothes in public places (beach, car park, city)

Faster and easier changing of clothes

Greater comfort and convenience

Travel – small size, can be used instead of a towel and a poncho

Breathable for your health

Easier to maintain hygiene while on the move and in everyday life


Pocketsulu is a 100% Polish product, we invented it inspired by the traditional Fiji fashion.

We attach great importance to the quality of our clothes. All of them are manufactured in Poland, with respect for all those involved and their work conditions. We personally test every single element of our clothing, as we want the final product not only to be attractive, but also to serve you for many years to come.

Our materials meet the highest standards, and their properties ensure a high level of comfort for everyday use.

With the intuitive between-the-legs buttoning, you will transform Pocketsulu into traditional shorts in just a few seconds.



Innovation is engrained in our DNA. Pocketsulu shorts can be easily taken off with one hand thanks to the Easy Access System, two or more pairs can be combined using the Love Connection System, and easy & intuitive waist adjustment is possible with the Adjust Mode System.

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