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Polish Kilt Basic Red S&M&L

This has not happened yet. Polish Kilt appeared like a Scottish revelation on Polish soil, and when we add a soul straight from Fiji, we have a cultural mix that is unique, yet real. Now you can have shorts that not only have all the functionalities of microfiber, i.e. water absorption and good thermals, but also this Scottish plaid … It will make everyone who sees you head off. We guarantee that you will stand out from the stream of traditional clothes and everyone will want to know where you got it from. We have serious concerns that the Scots will abandon their official attire in favor of the Polish kilt. Well, if it’s freedom, it’s all over.

S: length 48 cm / waist 65 – 85 cm

M: length 53 cm / waist 75 – 95 cm

L: length 61 cm / waist 85 – 105 cm

XL super size on request:

On special request, after purchase, we can change the size L into XL so that it has a maximum of 115 cm in the waist.


65.00 $ 65.00 $