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Sandy Tiki M&L

Rysio is a fisherman from Jastarnia. He has a beautiful, tiny trawler called “Stynka”, which – although it is small – is able to cut through waves that are much higher than its length. He happens to make beautiful, hand-made bracelets. We are pleased to sell these masterpieces as donations for Rysio. Such a piece of jewellery has a double value, not only aesthetic, but also emotional, both for girls and for boys.

The Sulu Style series consists of strings resistant to weather conditions and precisely made wooden ornaments. Each bracelet is adjustable in the range of 1 cm, and one of the special models is fully adjustable (approx. 4 cm), similar to the Basic series. The bracelet is unfastened, with the possibility of fastening with a looser and tighter button. We add a metal box to each bracelet, which will be useful for various treasures. The bracelet will begin to fold after the first time it gets wet, individual dimensions may be slightly different due to the fact that it is a handicraft. Wooden elements may change their color over time.

Diameter size M 17 – 18 cm

Diameter size L 21 – 22 cm


10.00 $ 10.00 $