Surfer hearts

There is nothing more beautiful in life than discovering yourself and living in harmony with your inner self. Appreciation of everything around you, care for your loved ones, respect for all people and faith in what gives you energy to act. And if this energy is good, then you simply have to share it in order to positively influence small, big and even bigger things. Freedom is the foundation for our life and actions, and sincere intentions have led us to create a philosophy of freedom that we materialize with our Pocketsulu product. The fact that we are kite surfers from Poland has only made the task easier for us. Read on and find out why.

“Pocketsulu is not just an innovative product. Pocketsulu is not just another new clothing brand. Pocketsulu is a philosophy of freedom, and our brand is its symbol.”

Fiji, Poland, World

Fiji is an island nation in the South Pacific Ocean, about 15000 km from the Hel Peninsula – the Mecca for water sports in Poland. Poland is a magnificent country situated in Central and Eastern Europe, where water sports are very popular in both recreational and professional versions.

100% of your freedom

It is very easy to talk about what you don’t like and criticize your own life. Or perhaps it is easiest to start with something small, which will spark bigger, positive change. For us, this change is the creation of Pocketsulu, because when we wear it, we feel free, joyful, ready to do interesting things.