Customize your size

In our philosophy of freedom, the most important thing is to experience this freedom on a daily basis. A simple size adjustment solution means that our product range includes Pocketsulu in two sizes, large and small. The system of buckle side-adjusters will make a 40-year-old father and his 12-year-old son look great wearing the same size. Our products will either grow or shrink with you. Forget belts, elastic bands, suspenders, drawstrings and other impractical solutions. Now you have Pocketsulu.

“I'll never forget a customer who, after buying one pair, came back to buy another one after a few hours. I asked why? He answered: This fabric is so delicate that I feel like I'm not wearing anything. I want two pairs of those.”

Discover with us

The most important innovation of Pocketsulu is that they are not just boardshorts. Depending on how much freedom you have inside you, you can wear them in the Sulu version, i.e. unbuttoned, or in the Pocketsulu version, i.e. buttoned up between your legs, as shorts. This makes it easy to change wherever you are, even in the most public places. When Pocketsulu are buttoned up, they are like traditional shorts, with the significant difference that you feel like you’re not wearing anything at all. The necessary extras are large pockets, where you can keep all your essentials.

Always with you

We like our product, we feel great about it and we really want to spread our joy around the world. Pocketsulu can always be with you, wherever you go, whatever you do – packed to fit in even a very small pocket. When they get wet, they dry quickly. Fancy visiting some charming town? There you go. Want to jump into the water and don’t have your boardshorts with you? It’s not a problem, you’re wearing Pocketsulu. Well, unless you’re into something else than water sports – then, just enjoy your freedom on land. Skateboard, bicycle, rollerblades, roller skates, maybe a scooter. It all started with water sports, but our solution will work everywhere, even in the opera, as soon as we create the Elegant version, of course.